River Scenes
The Inlander, by Jack Nisbet, 6/5/03

Salmon and the Spokane Falls
Spokane Historical, by Casey Baulne

Creek With Two Names Is It Latah Or Hangman? Tug Of War Over Name Keeps Discussion Of Local History Alive 
Spokesman-Review, by Jim Kershner 3/4/97    

The Spokane River, edited by Paul Lindholdt

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Videos about the Spokane Riverkeeper and the Spokane River.

KSPS Northwest Profile on the Spokane Riverkeeper. October 2018

The Spokane Riverkeeper explains what a it means to have a swimmable and fishable Spokane River.  

Dancing Crow Media presents the Center for Justice - Justice Lunchbox series with Jule Schultz. Jule discusses Spokane Riverkeeper solutions for the problems in Hangman Creek. Music is "The Complex" by Kevin Macleod,
This is a short excerpt from a presentation by scientist Jule Schultz from the Spokane Riverkeeper regarding the current status and possible solutions for Hangman Creek. No professional sound.

The Spokane Riverkeeper organized a forum that allowed citizens to voice their opinion about water use in the Spokane area. Includes a wonderful presentation by John Covert about how pumping from the aquifer affects river flows.


Hangman Creek is still a muddy disaster, but a new legal settlement gives the Spokane Riverkeeper hope                                                   The Inlander, 4/2018 

Spokane Riverkeeper partners to help community clean up river 
The Fig Tree, 11/2015

Meet the New Spokane Riverkeeper
Spokesman-Review, July 11, 2014

Fish conservationist Jerry White named new Spokane Riverkeeper
Inlander July 11, 2014


A fun little film that provides some comic relief from the rough and tumble job of river activism.

Hear Jerry White Jr.'s story of what draws him to protect the Spokane River.  

Jerry White, the Spokane Riverkeeper talks about low flow, good water stewardship and the connection to global warming.                          

Take a journey down Hangman Creek to understand why pollution plagues this local stream.