We share this river together.


Working on your behalf for a fishable, swimmable Spokane River.

Spokane Riverkeeper exists to ensure equitable access to the resources and natural beauty of the Spokane River...and to restore and preserve the river for future generations of our community.

We believe that the river is such a cherished asset to all citizens of this community, that equitable use is a matter of justice. And this is why Spokane Riverkeeper is a priority program of the Center for Justice.

We accomplish this by collaborating, educating, and, when necessary, litigating to preserve the Spokane River’s health, now and in the future.  Our goal is for a fishable and swimmable Spokane River.

Spokane Riverkeeper is a vigilant guardian and advocate for the Spokane River and its watershed. We work for the restoration and conservation of the river’s ecological health and aesthetic integrity. As a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance movement, Riverkeeper’s first priority is to defend the river against pollution and polluters.