The Spokane River's iconic redband trout embody the history of our river and rely on the fight to protect it.  


•    History: Nice Quote about relationship with indigenous peoples?  

•    Native Fish and Why it’s so special (What’s special about it): redband biology and habitat needs

•    Why does this fish need our help? What’s threating it? What’s the biggest threat and how do we make the changes to save our Redband? 

The Redband inhabit the cool clean waters of the Spokane River ecosystem. 

Gravel free of silt is required for healthy spawning. The Redband trout needs rocky riverbeds for successful and fertile spawning. (insert photo)


    Protection of Trib.
•    Main Stem Habitat
•    Trib. Shorelines
    We Protect it Issues
•    Shoreline Forest
•    Temp (Water, Air)
•    Sediment
•    Poaching
    Spokane’s Fish
•    It’s your fish

The Redband Trout is your fish, help “Keep the Spokane River Wild”
Spokane’s signature fish is the wild Redband trout and the native fish deserves to be saved, defended, and protected. 

•    How we connect it with the community