Impacting the Quality of the Entire Watershed

Tributaries are rivers or streams that flow into a larger body of water. Hangman Creek and the Little Spokane River are two major tributaries leading to the Spokane River; both are under pollution control programs for fecal coliform bacteria, high temperature, and turbidity (water clarity). The Department of Ecology and the Spokane County Conservation District are working to develop water quality improvement plans to address these issues.


Hangman Creek is a major tributary to the Spokane River. It suffers from low oxygen, excess nutrients, high temperatures, and too much sediment suspended in its water. Fish need cool, clean water and gravel on the creek bed for rearing and spawning. Spokane Riverkeeper and others are working hard to improve water quality in Hangman Creek. More information is available on Ecology’s website:

The Little Spokane River is another major tributary to the Spokane River and it suffers from high temperature, too much bacteria, and low dissolved oxygen. Some of its tributaries, including Dragoon Creek and Deadman Creek, have been identified as not meeting clean water requirements, according to our water quality assessments; multiple sections of both creeks are on the 303(d) list for both dissolved oxygen and pH.

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