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Where: The meeting location will be provided upon registration.  Registration is required and is available to the first -- registrants.  To register, please contact Lee First :  lee@cforjustice.org or (509) 835-5211.

Why: Although Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are no longer manufactured, they are present in sediments, groundwater, stormwater, fish, and along almost the whole length of the Spokane River.  PCBs are previously manufactured chemicals, are extremely long-lived, and they don’t break down easily. 

Industrial dischargers, state and local governments, environmental organizations and citizens are all working to lower the levels of PCBs in the Spokane River.

Kaiser Trentwood has installed an innovative groundwater pilot treatment facility that filters groundwater through crushed walnut shells to remove PCBs.  Attend this tour to view the treatment facility and learn more about the many steps Kaiser is taking to reduce pollution in the vicinity of their operations.

Who: Open to all; registration is required. Space is limited to the first -- registrants.

Details: Kaiser Aluminum Washington’s Trentwood facility (Kaiser Trentwood) produces aluminum sheet, plate, and coil for aerospace and general engineering applications.

The Spokane Riverkeeper is a program of the Center for Justice in Spokane, Washington.  The Spokane Riverkeeper advocates for the health of the Spokane River.  While Spokane Riverkeeper staff are coordinating this event, staff from Kaiser Trentwood will be the primary tour guides.  This tour is one of a series of tours and projects that help to educate local citizens about toxics in the Spokane River Watershed.

This tour has been paid with funds from the Department of Ecology. While the content is reviewed for grant consistency, it does not necessarily constitute endorsement by Ecologys