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The Washington State Department of Health issues advice about eating fish from specific waterbodies when chemicals found in certain fish species may harm the public’s health. As the lead toxicologist for the state’s fish advisory program, David McBride evaluates data collected by other agencies and determines whether contaminants found in fish are harmful when consumed.

Fishing opportunities in the Spokane River abound, and many groups are working to protect water quality and promote fishing.  At the same time, the Spokane River has serious pollution issues that are the result of legacy mining in the Silver Valley, and from industrial, municipal, and stormwater discharges.  One of the results of this pollution is that some fish species are unsafe to eat, and/or the public should only consume limited amounts of certain species.

Fish consumption advisories are found in all areas of the state, in both fresh and marine waters.  For example, in our area, there are current fish advisories for some species on the Spokane River, Little Spokane River, Columbia River, and Liberty Lake.

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