Please join us in supporting the Reusable Bag Act – HB1205 and SB5323

The summary of what the Reusable Bag Act does:

1.       Prohibits the use of thin single-use plastic carryout bags,

2.       Requires a pass-through charge of 10 cents on paper carryout bags and durable carryout bags,

3.       Encourages shoppers to bring their own reusable carryout bags,

4.       Requires the use of recycled content bags by grocers,

5.       Provides exemptions, including but not limited to:  small bags used for produce, unwrapped prepared foods, meat, and other items,

6.       Provides consistency and certainty across the state by building on local ordinances already in place in Washington.

Talking points for letters to legislators:

·         I am highly concerned about plastic pollution in the Spokane River, across Washington State, and in the ocean.

·         I urge you to support the Reusable Bag Act to prohibit the sale of thin plastic film bags and encourage the use of reusable bags.

·         Plastic bags are NOT recyclable in Spokane, therefore, they are either burned or landfilled.  This is extremely wasteful.

·         Plastic bags rank in the top 10 litter items found in local waterways.

·         Spokane Riverkeeper has documented an alarming amount of plastic microfibers in the Spokane River.

·         In 2018, Spokane Riverkeeper and volunteers picked up over 20,000 pounds of litter from the Spokane River.  Plastic bags and other single use plastic items (wrappers, takeout containers, cups, bottles, and straws) were the most common items collected.

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